by reverend posted Mar 20, 2018


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When a shepherd encouraged his house church member to participate in the three-chord early morning prayer, the member refused and said.  ‘I am not in such a dire situation to go for the early morning prayer and I wish that I will never be in such situation which needs one.’  This reply makes us ponder.  It is understandable that his response came not from faith.  At the same time, his response describes exactly the common misunderstanding about prayer.  Recommending early morning prayer to such person could be construed as possibly some mishap would happen.
This person consider prayer as a simple mean to solve problem.  However, prayer is not a way to solve problem but to build relationship with God.  Because we are His children, we need to get to know Him and build relationship with Him.  To do that, we need to spend time with Him.  As we spend time with our earthly father through thick and thin, we get to know him better and love him more.  The same goes to the Heavenly Father.  It would be a very strange relationship if we seek father only when we are in trouble.
Prayer is not a method to solve problem, but a way God uses to mold us.  When a father spends time with his children, he teaches them and guides them.  As we come to the place of prayer, God can build us into His people.  He helps us to meet Him through an answered prayer.  Sometimes, through delayed answer, He teaches us to be patient.  Also, as we see God working differently from our requests, we get to understand His will and His ways.
Prayer is not a way to solve issues, but a way to be a person of deeper conviction.  Through the time of prayer, in the deep silence, He enables us to see my inner thoughts.  He also allows us to see our hidden purposes and worldly intentions which we could not see before.  He allows us to know ourselves better, turn our direction and change.
Prayer is not an after the fact method to solve problems, but a way to adventure into the future.  Through prayer, God straightens the crooked path, prevents the work of the enemy, and enables us to achieve victory in spiritual battle.  Prayer is the shield to protect us and a fortress to hide us.
Prayer is the breath of God who guides us to return to the beginning.  It connects the heaven and earth.  It is an incredibly precious encounter and a fresh breeze for our soul.  Without prayer, I do not know what can be achieved in the world of faith.  That is why God instructs us to pray without ceasing.  (1 Thessalonica 5:16).  Prayer with sacrifice is a very valuable mode of intercession.  It has a spiritual power to overcome perils and dangers.  The morning prayer with fasting is our dedication offered to God with sincere sacrifice. 

 (Huston seoul baptist church Rev.Lee Soo Gwan)